Zion National Park

 Remember that scene in Lion King when Mufasa holds up Simba for all the other animals to see? Yep, that was filmed in Zion. Look it up.  

One of the most beautiful places in the country. 

Beginning of "The Narrows"

Beginning of "The Narrows"

I woke up at 5am to drive an hour, to sit on a bus for half an hour, to hike for another couple hours, to beat the crowds that peak season brings here every year. I wish I could say I made it to the top of Angel's Landing but I chickened out once I saw those chains. That "hike" is no joke, there's been more than a few deaths from those attempting the summit. And my worn Nikes were not having any part of all that. Maybe next time!

Here's a couple shots from the view I did get to see though:

I'd say it was all worth it.