Yosemite and the Kerns

After leaving the farm in Willits mid-July I headed back south to North Fork, a tiny town right outside of Yosemite. My friend Shane is WWOOFing there, we met last summer in Texas. This place is completely off grid... power comes from solar panels and water from the spring on top of the mountain. The land was purchased in the 1960's by a group of people and many of them, and their children, still live there today. Including Hansel Kern who owns these special few acres. 

I spent three days eating delicious food (mmm fresh goat cheese), exploring Yosemite, and hanging out with this wild bunch. Mary, a worker at the farm, is actually from NC and we have some mutual friends. Such a small world! All the good ones come from Carolina you know. 

Sometimes you meet people that really make an impression on you in a short amount of time. The Kerns and all their WWOOFers did just that. I should also mention that Hansel recently was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and shrunk the tumor by 80% by following a very particular set of diet rules. The doctors told him to go home and write a book. 

The last I saw of the group they were running the goats out to pasture. They all took off, whooping and hollering, and I thought I'd drive around to find them and say goodbye but they had disappeared, and I had to catch a flight. But this way seemed more appropriate. Til next time. 

Salt of the earth kind of people.