Twickenham House Wedding / Karley and Ryan

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I knew going into this wedding that it was going to be a really fun one. We had met over the winter to shoot engagement photos and unexpectedly ended up in an absolutely frigid snow storm. They rolled with the punches and we had a great time despite our numb fingers, so it was easy to tell they're the kind of people that can have a great time no matter what the circumstances! 

I loved the personal touches they had placed throughout Twickenham House and the grounds; a tree illustration for guests to sign, s'more supplies, and candles lit for loved ones. A good friend officiated their ceremony before we all headed up to the top of the mountain for photos, and another friend was MC during the reception.

The reception events were hilarious, sweet, sentimental, and celebratory. When Karley and Ryan were announced in they sent a friend in Ryan's place that looks similar, but is most definitely not Ryan, and everyone got a good laugh out of the surprise. Ryan's best man and Karley's family gave touching speeches that had everyone in tears, and Karley's mom wrote a poem about the new bride and the significance of the day. Ryan danced with his grandmother and Karley's uncle took a turn at the mic with his harmonica. 

Cheers to these sweet newlyweds! 


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