The City of Light


First stop on our adventure! Carolyn and I shared a twin bed, in a room the size of a broom closet, in the Latin Quarter of Paris. While traveling can certainly be glamorous if you're willing to spend, if you want to keep it affordable you may have to give up certain luxuries like let's say... a bathroom door. It was real cozy :) 

The gem of our stay, for me, was wandering around the neighborhood of Montmartre while the sun went down. All the cafes are filled with people spilling out into the street while the light turns everything around shades of magenta and orange.  There's a view overlooking the city and a beautiful cathedral on the very top of the hill. The rich history of this place includes Picasso, Dali, Monet, and van Gogh to name a few. And it has the best voted baguettes in France, so how can you beat it?

In Europe no one drinks anything but wine, and the best way to do it is under the Eiffel tower before it start it's sparkling show. 

Another highlight was dinner at the Refuge de Fondues. The tables here are set up family style and packed to the brim every night. Once the end chairs are filled the owner and staff help patrons climb over the table top, carefully avoiding the wine served in glass baby bottles. The cheesy fondues and breads were delicious and we spent hours there.

A few more of my favorite things: 

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