Milwaukee Wedding: Katie & Austin

From our very first meeting I knew I really liked Katie and Austin. They're easygoing, goofy, and keep me laughing :) 

The morning of the wedding the girls went into a small room to help Katie put her dress on, and ten minutes into the process there was knock from inside what we had thought was a closet. Some poor guy had been stuck in the bathroom there and had let just enough time pass for it to be a hilarious escape.

Katie's dad gave the perfect toast telling the story of how this couple has been together since high school and jokingly refer to each other as their lobster, a "Friends" reference, since lobsters mate for life. 

Throughout the morning Austin sent his bride handwritten notes and small gifts, and seeing her read the last one had me in tears too. It was such a sweet gesture. 

By the end of the night I was out of the dance floor dancing and singing along too. Cheers to clients that become friends! 

Big thank you to my second shooter Adriana