Max Patch Engagement Session | Emily + Parks

Couple gets close during an engagement session at Max Patch Mountain, 

Emily and Parks planned their engagement session so well. We looked at the weather, chose a spot on the parkway, and picked a time during the holiday season that worked for everyone. 

When we scheduled it the forecast looked great but that section of the road was unfortunately closed. So we settled on Max Patch; an equally stunning place along the Appalachian trail with a view for miles. 

Driving west towards Tennessee the clouds were beautifully hovering over only the peaks of the Blue Ridge mountains. Once we reached the top however, we quickly realized that Max Patch was most definitely inside one of those clouds and it was very, very cold. Thankfully these two weren't going to let the weather deter them after they'd driven all the way up from South Carolina, and I think the resulting images were definitely still worth it :) We laughed and ran around the gravel backroads before heading to the bottom of the mountain where it was clearer. 

Recently I've been making an effort to focus more on the people in front of me and less on the landscape around us. North Carolina's backdrops are gorgeous, and of course most people want to see them in their images, but I don't want to use it as a crutch. I want to create photos that show what makes each couple unique and the love between them. Because while the mountains are lovely, they're not at the heart of why I do what I do. This session was the perfect opportunity to push me out of my comfort zone and hone in on Emily and Parks' relationship. 

Sometimes the best made plans fall apart and the only thing you can do is choose to roll with the punches. I can't wait to photograph their ceremony in November. I know no matter what happens this couple's wedding will be the best day. 

Couple walking down a gravel road on Max Patch mountain in the fog. 
Man and woman get close on a cold day at Max Patch in North Carolina. 
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