is a small desert town in west Texas that is full of contemporary and minimalist art. The first place I stopped was an installation work of concrete rectangles that stretches for a mile. It's hard to appreciate or explain without seeing the work in person, but it was truly amazing to see art like that in the middle of nowhere. 

That specific piece is part of the Chinati Foundation, an art museum founded by contemporary artist Donald Judd, that exhibits large scale installations across the town. 


Above is the inside of a camera obscura. It was made by the Chinato foundation as well and is located inside an old ice plant. 

A camera obscura is essentially a dark box (of any size) that has a small pinhole to allow a tiny bit of light in. There is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the light is refracted through the hole, and the outside is reflected onto the opposite wall upside down. This is the way that cameras were invented, and the same way our eyes work. Your brain just knows to flip the image right side up. 

The best examples to show this are the photos of Abelardo Morell.

Learning about this phenomenon in college and then actually seeing it on that large of a scale was easily one of the highlights of this trip. The photos I took are too dark to see the image that was reflected from outside, but every leaf and bird flying by were visible on the opposite wall. 

Prada Art Installation

Prada Art Installation