Los Angeles



"You're going to hate L.A." everyone told me. 

And, ok, I'm a bit of a southern hippie and generally shy away from cities like this one. I'd never fit in living in this place. True. But it was fun to visit! And apparently donuts are a big deal, I had one stuffed with blueberries and lemon mascarpone. So there's that. 

I think Mary said it best- "Southern Cal is like a fun, relaxed, rock concert party."

The fun, relaxed part is nice. The rock concert party makes me feel claustrophobic. 

Some highlights of our few days included a tour of a Foley sound studio (thank you Brian!), Venice Beach, Hollywood Blvd, LACMA, and a chance meeting with the famous Levar Burton of Reading Rainbow. It was so cool to meet such an inspiring person who still is doing great things, not to mention a small part of my childhood. It made me think of Kathleen's classroom back in Memphis and how much they could benefit from the resources he is working on for schools.

If you haven't heard of him or his recent kickstarter success you should definitely check this out.