Lake Tahoe

You never reeeeally know what you're going to get when meeting people from the internet in person, but it's usually pretty easy to tell.

In today's world it seems everyone is online, especially photographers. It's an easy way to advertise, connect with others, and share your work. I've met a few talented friends this way.

Social media sites, portfolio, and blog posts are a pretty good way to get an idea of whether or not a person is halfway normal. And, stop worrying Mom,  I always make it a point to hang out with strangers from the internet in public places. Typically I'm over cautious. 

When Alex reached out to me to explain that he is also a photographer and also doing a cross-country trip, of course I wanted to meet up with this talented guy. But, the catch is it wouldn't be in public place. It would be camping in Lake Tahoe for a couple days. Hmmm.

So I did some stalking of his facebook and website, figured out that Devin is a mutual friend of ours, and his portfolio is incredible. I had a good feeling... and decided to go for it. Off to Lake Tahoe I went to camp for a couple days with him and (instagram famous) Sid. And it worked out fine, I had a great time!

The best thing about this place is also my favorite thing about Big Sur- it's beautiful and not overly crowded. The weather and hiking trails were perfect and it was a fun couple days.

Check out Alex's blog too, good stuff :)