Horseshoe Bend

During one of our days at the Grand Canyon we drove north onto Navajo land to see this spot and Antelope Canyon. Originally I had planned on approximately 9,000 miles for the trip total... but I'm about halfway right now and driven 10,000 so far. Oops. Little excursions like this one have definitely been the best experiences!

There's a trail off the side of the road that you'll miss if you blink. Once we hiked down through the sand and came to the edge this view blew us away. The water makes a 270 degree curve, thus giving the place it's name.  Even though I was using a wide angle lens it still took a few shots stitched together to get everything in the frame. 

Way back in the fall when I was planning this trip (seems like a lifetime ago) I wasn't completely sure it was going to happen. I desperately wanted it to, but the idea of getting in my car and driving across the states alone was daunting. Not to mention how I was going to figure out the financial part. 

I met with Jen and Mary at a coffee shop in Charlotte and threw out the idea that maybe they'd meet me in Arizona for a couple weeks, definitely not expecting either of them to say yes! But they excitedly did, and that meant someone was now relying on me to pick them up from the airport come June. I HAD to get myself to Phoenix. It was the final push to turn that dream into this reality. 

Thankful for good friends and a good life.