Glacier National Park

My friend Rob flew up from California to join me for this leg of the trip and we hiked around Banff for a day then drove down through Alberta to Glacier. I knew it was going to be impressive from all the photos I'd seen, but nothing compared to seeing it in person. This place always makes the top of the list somewhere when I'm trying to narrow down my favorite spots. 

We decided to hike the 12-mile Highline Trail, and while trying to hitch a ride to the top we met another hiker, Jonathan, who went the whole way with us. He was using his last summer to travel around the west before grad school and had visited many of the same places I had been. We saw marmots and mountain goats but thankfully no bears :)

I could use this space to go on and on about what an incredible sight Glacier is everywhere you turn, but instead I'm going to let the pictures hopefully say all that for me. This place is a MUST SEE. Add it to your bucket list, sell your car or something, make it happen at least once in your life. We live in a big, beautiful world and I can't tell you enough what a humbling experience it is to explore it. 

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