Emandal: A farm on a river

This 1000 acre farm is truly a gem. It's one of my top places from last summer's road trip across the states, and I couldn't fly back out to California and not work in a visit with this sweet family. 

 You can read more about everything they do on their website, and see my blog post from last year here

Highlights of the week included trying to catch a sheep for shearing by circling around it in a Kubota with two toddlers strapped in beside me. They thought if they yelled her name loud enough it would work, so around and around we went saying "Heavens to Betsy!" at the top of their lungs while their papa tried to rope her. Unsuccessful but hilarious. 

Watching the sunset and swimming in the Eel River, eating the best food I've ever tasted, harvesting from the garden, and sleeping under the stars. I miss it already.