Cross Country Photo Trip

April 15- August 2014

Mary Miller and Valerie Justice

Mary Miller and Valerie Justice

Ever since I was a little girl I've dreamed of traveling, especially throughout the United States. This spring and summer I have finally made the commitment to do a trip, living and working on organic farms along the way.

Inspired by Robert Frank and two close friends that completed a similar venture shooting with film, I want to capture what life in America is like today along the road but with a focus on small towns; from the deep south to the northwest.

WWOOF is an international organization that will provide housing and meals for me in exchange for work on various organic farms. Having grown up on a small mountain farm and passionate about food and sustainable practices; bee-keeping, dairy, and vegetables are a few areas I want to learn more about. 


The Bare Essentials

Stuffing the next few months of my life into my trunk with only a strong feeling that I'm doing the right thing isn't easy, but I am so excited to get on the road. 

Family, friends, and friends of friends have graciously offered their floors and/or couches for me to crash on here and there in between farms. I will also probably be doing a lot of camping and staying in hostels. My ‘97 Corolla has gotten the ok from my dad and the mechanic (at least for the next few thousand miles) so now it’s time to plan out the details. 

I've set up a fundraising campaign HERE to help cover the cost of gasoline. While the cost per gallon will undoubtedly rise once warm weather rolls around, my car does get great mileage. $1500.00 is a pretty close estimate of what it will take for the 9,000 mile itinerary I have planned.

I'll begin in western NC and essentially make one large loop- Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, across the southwest and up California. Then heading through Montana, dipping back down to Colorado and across to Chicago. One long stretch to New Hampshire and Maine, then back down the east coast through NYC and DC to get home in late August. 


Ways You Can Help

I completely understand that not everyone can contribute financially. If you can share my story on social media sites, tell your friends, or have any recommendations of places to see please let me know! Any little bit of funding or advice will help.

I hope my experience, and the photographs that result, will inspire you to go out and visit these amazing places meet incredible people yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my adventure!