Columbus, Ohio

Myna & Joe

This whole summer was gone in an instant. Even though I would spend a few days, or even a week at a time in each place, it was over before I knew it and on I was rolling to the next stop. 

I drove through the last bits of the midwest, through the cornfields and wind farms and small towns of Indiana, to get to my friend Joe's place in Ohio. We worked together when we both lived in Chicago. I'm lucky to have friends all over the place willing to feed me and let me crash on their couch!

Joe's room-mate Kori has a beautiful small garden in her backyard that we picked all the best August veggies from. There's nothing that tastes as delicious as just harvested, fresh food. It's straight from heaven. I don't care for them much during the year, but once the end of summer rolls around give me a bit of salt and I could eat a "green zebra" heirloom tomato just like an apple.

"There is honestly nothing you can compare to the taste of a fresh, vine-ripened tomato, plucked at the perfect peak of sweetness and eaten warm and sugary, tart and juicy, right there in the garden as you make a big mess all over your shirt." -M.E.N

And the best thing is it's so easy to grow your own with only a little bit of space!

If you have a balcony, porch, backyard, roof, window... you can have a garden. Check out these directions from Mother Earth News on how to grow vegetables in a bucket.


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