Big Sur Wedding: Carter & Alex

One of my favorite things about this wedding was the attention to detail and meanings behind them. Carter made the rings herself out of white topaz and recycled gold, and her earrings were created from chicken bones and antique beading by a good friend. The flowers and succulents were put together beautifully by Amanda, all grown locally on her farm up Highway 1. 

Another thing that I loved is the story of their officiant and friend, Dante. Many years ago Carter and Alex were traveling cross country in an old truck on a very low budget. Desperate for a shower, they stopped at a yard sale and it was decided they would go to Dante's place in Carmel.... where they ended up camping in the backyard for two weeks and he cooked them dinner every night :)

It was an honor to be part of this special day in such a special place. 

Music: Lucky Devils Band

Rentals:  Chic Event Rentals

Florist: Laughin’ Gal Floral

Hair/Makeup Stylist:  Blushed Ashley

Coordinator: Elegant Events/Selena Perez