Appalachian Farm Wedding | Alice & Brian


Alice is a good friend of mine and I was so excited when she asked me to photograph her and Brian's wedding celebration. They met in an old barn years ago on the west coast, and have since lived in a few different places before putting down roots here in North Carolina. Along the way various farms and barns have always had a special place in their life, and I so appreciated the deeper meaning of place when they considered choosing a venue that fit them best. 

When I asked her which photos were most important Alice told me she really wanted candid moments of her guests that had come from near and far. This day was filled with love and happiness and I'm so honored to have been a small part.

Favorite moments: 

  • Many guests showed up early to chip in with decorating and bouquet arrangements from Ivy Creek farm, appropriately making the day a collaborative effort.
  • Alice's niece and two family friends are around the same age, and they followed her around the whole day. It was the cutest entourage. 
  • The couple's thoughtful vows to each other handwritten on note cards
  • At the reception anyone was invited to stand and say a few words. Each friend and family member spoke from the heart and there were tears all around.
  • Brian's family has a long tradition of gifting a giant, handmade hat to each new bride on her wedding day. It was such a special and fun way to welcome Alice into their family! 


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