A little detour to Canada

Whenever I explained that I was going cross-country to anyone the response was usually something along the lines of "Wait.. you're doing this alone?"

But aside from time in the car I was hardly by myself at all. Almost every place I went to I met someone new or visited with old friends and family. When I realized I had a few days in between Seattle and Glacier I decided to drive through the Rockies to visit my good friend Angela for a few days, and luckily found my passport buried under a few trash bags of dirty laundry in the trunk. She and I worked together for a summer a couple years ago and were way past due for some time to catch up!

It's funny how sometimes you can go years without seeing someone, and rarely talk, but when you do everything tends to pick up right where it left off. The first night I was there we walked around her neighborhood exchanging stories just like we did back in Chicago. 

Most of the time I was there we explored places to shoot, and got chased out of one Canola field by the police. I wonder what would happen if I was arrested for trespassing in Canada? ;) 

Angela's also a very talented photographer, check out some of her work HERE.

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