2016 Goals and Intentions

2015 started off with a bang. I quit a job to start my own business, witnessed the birth of my nephew, and went to New York. It was a challenging but fulfilling year. Highlights were memories with loved ones and a lot of traveling. Two friends and I started beehives, I was maid of honor in my sweet friend Karen’s wedding, and visited Nick in Italy. The older and busier I get the faster the time goes by. I’m working on focusing on the present moment as much as possible to soak it all up.

Inspired by Morningwild and Chelsea Lane I’m writing these out to hold myself accountable in 2016. I’ve never been one to make resolutions as they seem doomed to fail, but I am a fan of setting goals and making a plan to follow through. Here’s my list for this year. May it be a great one!



  • Bees: extend yard, add another hive, harvest honey. Monthly check-ins. 
  • Garden: greens, strawberries, butternut squash, tomatoes, garlic, peppers
  • Take a class
  • Read at least 12 books: So far on the wish list- Girl Boss, The Omnivore's Dilemma, Why Not Me, The Last American Man, Animal Farm, Not that Kind of Girl
  • Clothes: Donate everything that isn't being worn.  Be more intentional when shopping- thrift, support local stores and ethically sourced options such as Everlane. You can read more about why this is important over on Sadie's blog
  • Shoot a personal project


  • Set intention and put into words why weddings are important to me
  • Attend a workshop or mentoring session
  • No work on Sundays
  • Book more editorial gigs
  • Increase income by 30%


  • Majority of my diet to be local and organic food purchased from the farmer’s market
  • More vegetables, less sugar less dairy
  • Try new recipes and cook more often 
  • Take Sam on at least one hike every week- maybe those Sundays mentioned above :) 
  • One yoga class per week from Asheville Community Yoga


  • Chicago
  • Milwaukee
  • New York
  • Atlanta
  • Southeast Asia
  • Paris
  • Florida