Food and Drink Daily Project

After seeing the beautiful work of photographers such as Beth Kirby and Lisa Adams I have a new appreciation for still life photography, especially those whose images form a cohesive, unique style. Developing a clearer personal vision is something I've focused on for awhile.

With that in mind I decided to attempt a daily project, shots with a southern, homey type feel. Meals, desserts, or snacks that looked like something your grandmother might make you on a Saturday afternoon. 

Turns out this type of photography is much harder than I anticipated. The first issues were with styling, which I ultimately got better at but is still difficult. Making something appear to be candid, while sticking to my color pallet and overall mood ideas, is a challenge . Then there's the problem of hot foods' short shelf lives, lighting, and a pesky cat that wants a taste of everything I set down. 

So although I've had enough for the moment you'll be seeing more of this type of work from me soon with a few little treasures I have around the house. 

Best advice: don't shoot while hungry ;)

Dry Ingredients for Blueberry Breakfast Bake

Dry Ingredients for Blueberry Breakfast Bake

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