Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures

Broderick knew when he called me asking if I was up for traveling I'd say yes. I always say yes. 

I stumbled upon a great article somewhere that said something along the lines of "How I Afford to Travel" thinking that maybe there was something I've overlooked. And sure, frequent flyer miles and tips to save on gas are wonderful things. But the main point was simple. Live frugally, save your money, and spend it on the things that matter to you. And mannn I just can't turn down a good adventure. It's worth dipping into my savings account. 

So he drove down from Chicago in a little red rental car and we met in Nashville. From there we headed south for a caving excursion through northern Alabama with the famous Bleeblu, then on to Memphis taking the same stretch of highway I drove last spring through Mississippi. 

After a few days of exploring the highlights, hanging out with my cousin's wonderful friends, and eating far too much food, we headed back east. 

Favorite place to see if you find yourself down that way: 

  • Stephen's Gap Cave and then eat lunch at Which Wich. It's a tradition. (Huntsville)
  • Arcade Restaurant (Memphis)
  • Civil Rights Museum (Memphis)
  • STAX Records (Memphis)
  • Burger Up (Nashville)
  • Jeni's Ice Cream (Nashville)
  • Hatch Show Print (Nashville)
  • Antique Archaeology (Nashville)

We'll be back someday Tennessee! You're one of my favorite places.